A weird dream

I've got a really really weird dream this evening. I dreamt about my literature lecturer, baby hippopotamus, old bus driver, hotel receptionist, primary school acquaintances and some of my current friends.
Well the dream started with me helping my friend doing her translation assignments. She asked me to translate something archaic-like religious sentence.  There's one word that I couldn't figure out the meaning. Tashwi or sth like that. I didn't even know what is the meaning of the word , so I left it out untranslated. Well, I didn't know, how I'm moving to the second part of my dream where I'm trying to find a lavatory so I can change my uniform. I didn't know why I need to change into my taekwondo's. It doesn't really makes sense. I went to L4 block and the lavatories were so disgusting. Like really disgusting, it doesn't even looks like a toilet. More like a garage, a barn. Very gloomy, and there's greenish dark blue oil-like water.  A pool of them on the floor and on top of it, a rotten wide piece of plank covering it.  A girl is spraying water from pipe to clean it, some were brushing the floor with brooms.  As it couldn't get any weirder, there are a dozen of small hippopotamus living in the lavatory and apparently the girls are taking care of them.  Maybe for their assignment. It's so weird but I didn't know why I did change my clothes in that super weird lavatory.
Without I'm realising it, I was already in a room at a hotel. Not really a room actually, but it have a dresser, a bed ,a seating and a small table, the only thing missing is a door and the room is very small. Across the where-a-door should be placed, I could see the receptionist and the lobby area. And I'm pretty sure beside the doorless room, there is a door to exit the building. When I was wearing my hijab in the room infront of the mirror,  an old man who is the driver of my college bus entered. He is very old, maybe he is in his 50s or 60s. He brought my bags with him. Two of them which one of them containing my laptop. And he said my friends left them at the latar siswa where I was doing my friend's assignment earlier. He told me to not befriended with them anymore. He badmouthed my friends for leaving my stuff unattended. I said it's not their fault, they got their class and they maybe thought that I'll come back sooner. But the bus driver seems to continue badmouthing them which is really getting on my nerves. So,I ended up scolding an old man which I knew sounded very bad as it looked like. Apparently, my lecturer was there too, witnessing my ill-mannered act, he thought I'm scolding my father. Then he snapped out and left the room while saying nasty stuff about me. I felt bad, and I quickly apologized the old bus driver. My lecturer said this won't do and apparently he had been eavesdropping our conversation the whole time. So I offered him an explanation which he agreed.  So I told him to wait a while, because I neee to pack all of my stuff into my bag.  So I asked the driver guy to give me a hand. He did, we took a very long time as my stuff kept getting more and more when I packed them. So my lecturer snapped for the second times because he had been waiting for us and he went to the faculty. We quickly find him and told him our conflicts, he seems disappointed because he thought it's a family quarrel so he went away. The bus driver went to his bus too after that. When I'm making my way back to the hotel room, I saw four of my primary school acquaintances getting into the faculty. Well I didn't recall that we were in a same university. I ignored that and quickly returned to the hotel to pick up my stuff. As I entered the room, there's already a new guest in that room and I can't find my stuff. So I went to the receptionist and asked where's my stuff .she said that in order to have my stuff back, I need to pay rm550. I snapped out because I didn't even sleep in that room and I only used the mirror to wear my hijab. it didn't look like a room after all.

And that's the only thing I remembered from my dream. Weird, right?
Well the weirder thing is I took the effort to write this up. Wow what's wrong with me. -Ignore my errors as I'm too lazy to recheck or reread it -


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