I couldn't sing stories of my exes but I surely can write

I thought what L had done to me is the worst thing a guy can do. but i was wrong.
D managed to be a better jerk than L was.
L left me because he found another girl and he even said that we were just a friend.
D tricked me into loving him and eventually I found out that I'm nothing but a rebound.

***update: found this in the draft section and lemme start again.

D didn't trick me into loving him, it was stupid for me to say that I'm tricked because I let myself fall for him for he is a nice guy that clicked perfectly with me. We bonded together perfectly, like a well-mixed chemistry solution, we didn't explode but we turn into a beautiful colour potion. And D is perfect for me to get my revenge on L, because they are coursemates. Everything was perfect despite a few quarrel that I often started because sometimes he would vanished for a few days, and started talking to me like nothing ever happened. Until eventually, I found out that I'm not his rebound. I'm actua…


Suddenly it hits me.
No, I lied.
It's not a sudden momentum that hits me.
I'm well aware that it was a slow and steady force that builds up, getting bigger each day, carrying a little heaviness in each pace. But because it's a steady and slow momentum, I just let it passed through me, every day. Little did I care. But little did I know, the force jumbled up together hitting me almost in every direction with the impact that I couldn't cope.

I'm never prepared.
The force tore up my wall, breaking my weak defence, and I died when my heart collided with the force. And it's too late now to summon the never-existing army that I should have trained in the past moon. Even though it's too late now, the only thing I can do is to rise from ashes.

Loan Words

Debate against the purity of a language is not new and unique to only Bahasa Malaysia. The English language had undergone this sensational debate long time ago when the borrowing of words from Greek, Latin and French were at the utmost in the period of 1530 to 1660. Other languages such as German, Turkish, and French were also debated and said to be corrupted due to loaning words from other languages. As early as the age of middle English, Purist has been rejecting words borrowing as they believe this act contaminate the English language with inkhorn term (Sheard, 1970) as cited in (Ojeda & Cecelia, 2004). However, we should keep in mind that language change is inevitable when a language stop changing, it will be a dead language. Classical Latin is already a dead language for being static for nearly two thousand years.
World changes as the technology develop. New inventions emerged, new words created and being users of the products, words are loaned. There goes the reason for loan…


I always said that I'll enjoy the moment while it still last. I even prepared myself for the heartbreaks that'll follow. I've seen it coming. and I thought I'm prepared.
now when the heart shattered i could do nothing .not even crying


I enjoy good stories. heartbreaking stories. tear-inducing stories. any stories that I can relate with. these kind of stories lit my heart. sometimes help me in decision making.  or make me forget the sadness that build up in my heart. or the clots of thoughts that are wandering in my mind.
I love stories whether they are written, drawn,acted or told.
I'm wishing for a story that will give me some light, an escape, a solution for my heartbreak.
1201am 6/2/16

A weird dream

I've got a really really weird dream this evening. I dreamt about my literature lecturer, baby hippopotamus, old bus driver, hotel receptionist, primary school acquaintances and some of my current friends.
Well the dream started with me helping my friend doing her translation assignments. She asked me to translate something archaic-like religious sentence.  There's one word that I couldn't figure out the meaning. Tashwi or sth like that. I didn't even know what is the meaning of the word , so I left it out untranslated. Well, I didn't know, how I'm moving to the second part of my dream where I'm trying to find a lavatory so I can change my uniform. I didn't know why I need to change into my taekwondo's. It doesn't really makes sense. I went to L4 block and the lavatories were so disgusting. Like really disgusting, it doesn't even looks like a toilet. More like a garage, a barn. Very gloomy, and there's greenish dark blue oil-like water.…


Literariness is feature that could turn an ordinary work into a literary work. Many would say the choices of word plays a huge role in determining the literariness of a work. Or maybe the uses of figure of speeches like metaphors, personification, simile etc. Yes. I agree. However, we cannot solely say that a work that uses colloquial and everyday language is not a literary work. I would love to give C.S. Lewis work as a reference; “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different…”
C.S. Lewis’ words are arranged in such beautiful and emotional manner and how could this, merely lacking of exquisite metaphors and wording, be dim as not literary? A work doesn’t need to have aesthetic choices of word to be a literary work. The most important thing is the meaning that it tries to convey and strike the reader. However, some writers use exquisite words to foreground their work. It catches people attention and gives deeper impact to the readers. All…