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just another word to share

Hi. Hello. Assalamualaikum. May peace be upon all of you.

Somehow getting hurt make me a stronger person not a weaker one. The weird thing is I love being hurt. It happened to be an addiction. By the way, this is not a misleading or any sexual sentence . I love being hurt by the same reasons. I put myself in a spot that I surely know will torn me. Again, this is not a sexual sentence.

First love can be the most wonderful thing and also a bad thing. You set it as a standard for any later love. And if other relationship doesn't pass the passing point, it'll fail. And that happened to me. I can't find other love that pass the mark. That's why I kept failing.

And then he come again in your life . As a friend. He knows that. Everyone knows that. You know that. But you don't understand it. And you, like always, love to set a lot of hopes and imaginations.

And when he explained everything to you, when he clears the confusions. You'll blame him because you don't li…