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I'll kept myself busy -PART 1-

I hate pms ,i'll get more sensitive by each day.I miss you every time ,i wished you were here every's all about you now..ohhh,'mind' get back here!stop wandering in beautiful thoughts that ain't happen,i hate it.because i'll end in misery.the only way to control this feeling is making myself busy with work...


i love to spend my time:-

read comicsread novelsdrawingmaking boxesmaking paper swan sketching

domo-kun and feet keychain..kawaii :3

i heart you <3

comic addiction XD
i love drawing :D

for you <3

i love color pencil >.<
 my favourite little things :)

i love my life :3

Assalamualaikum wbt..
 i had a lovely life now and i'm grateful :D
i have a great family that sometimes get into my nerves.but they always be the greatest person in my life..i had friends on my sides and they always supports me.

i don't have hubby,honey or whatever u called it.simple word-boyfriend.not because i don't love any boy but i don't wished for any,right now.i do love someone and i am comfortable loving him from distant .i hope i'll stay this way..but for sure,the future awaiting for me will be different ^_^
the really thing is i'm a simple girl with lack of knowledge ,full of curiosity ..i'm lacking in knowledge as the more i learn the more i discover my ignorance ..just now i discover that curiosity is the right spelling,not curiousity..XD

Alhamdulillah :) Thanks for everything

4 a.m already -.-

Assalamualaikum wbt..

to be honest,mata da sangat mengantuk,tp jari gatal nak tekan new post.sokayy..first entry for 3 may 2012..upu kuar 7 may,so ade satu,dua,tiga.empat hari lagi je here,I wish you all luck and may you all got what you wanted in order to pursue your study ececececece..

Good Luck,okay..mostly for my friends.hope to meet you in the future..:D
for upu,sy mtak smua asasi,so x letak harapan tggi sgt sbb 2 interview da x dpt disebabka sekarang ramai sgt manusia yg pandai2 -.- scholarship tu,jgn harap la klu x dpt straight A's..maybe pgi matrik n struggle kt sane in order to get 4 pointer,the only way to get scholarship and study overseas :D

i love him,i like you :)

i don't quite sure about my feeling now

i hateeeeee mess my feeling..okay!the really thing is my feeling is messing up with you. :|
ahh..u retarded boy..

i tried to love him forever,but with you on my side.i don't really sure about my feelings.but i really sure this is caused by pms..-.-

so,i should not hate you but the pms instead..thats make me feel better :)

btw,i failed for interview kplsm..dissapointed,xder la frust..relax la derr,ade matrikulasi kan.. struggle kt sner la plak..:D