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Linguistics:A Gist Of Syntax

Hi.May peace be upon you.. Before explaining about Syntax and Morphology, let's take a look at some major branches of linguistics.The purple text indicates the branches that I'll learn this semester. Linguists explore all areas of human language. Some of the major branches of linguistics include: Anthropological linguistics: Looks at how language and culture are connected. Language acquisition: The process by which kids learn a first language or older folks learn a second language. Learning two languages at the same time from childhood is called bilingual language acquisition. Historical linguistics: The study of the origins and evolution of language, especially the study of how languages change over time. Language revitalization: The process of bringing languages that are no longer widely spoken back to life. Linguists don’t revitalize languages on their own, but they work closely with communities who seek to revitalize their languages. Language typology: The study of the systematic…