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Assalamualaikum :)

to be honest,i kept questioning myself whether the course that i'm taking now is the best for me or not.the questions around me worsen the situation."why did you take English Course?i thought you're from science stream" "why won't you take math or another related-to-science course?" So,i start to explain to them that i don't expect taking this course,i tell them about my upu form ,the arrangements of my choice and now here i am.seriously i hate answering those same questions (it makes me unsure about this course even more) and now whenever someone ask me that, i just replied that i'm interested in's a good trick because there's usually no follow-up questions,which is kind of great .Now,everything seems wrong and i kind of loss my interest in all this.Last night,i was studying Bahasa Melayu Tinggi because it is a part of the course and all of sudden i miss Mathematics so i scribble my notes with some 'Differentation a…