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Sapere Aude :)

Asslamualaikum w.b.t.

It have been quite a long time since my last update.Lots happened and everyday seems to be full of surprises. This is my second semester as an English student, hurm English is quite interesting but sometimes it's just plain boring.Just like any of my post i should doing assignments right now.All of the project need to be submitted before the end of this semester and then i'll be facing the dreadful Final Exam. Last semester result was not bad,but i'm aiming for a better one this semester. Pray for me. :)

"Saya berdoa agar Nor Asiah Bt Razali mendapat 4 Flat pada semester ini."
Thanks .:* 
Well,i'm currently working on the Literature assignment where i need to do 15 brief biographies of British authors. It should be an easy work, if i'm not procrastinating. But ,here i'm updating my blog in the middle of morning. haha
Actually, i found quite interesting in my laptop a few days ago. Well,before i enrolled in UPM , I've been through…