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Loan Words

Debate against the purity of a language is not new and unique to only Bahasa Malaysia. The English language had undergone this sensational debate long time ago when the borrowing of words from Greek, Latin and French were at the utmost in the period of 1530 to 1660. Other languages such as German, Turkish, and French were also debated and said to be corrupted due to loaning words from other languages. As early as the age of middle English, Purist has been rejecting words borrowing as they believe this act contaminate the English language with inkhorn term (Sheard, 1970) as cited in (Ojeda & Cecelia, 2004). However, we should keep in mind that language change is inevitable when a language stop changing, it will be a dead language. Classical Latin is already a dead language for being static for nearly two thousand years.
World changes as the technology develop. New inventions emerged, new words created and being users of the products, words are loaned. There goes the reason for loan…