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A weird dream

I've got a really really weird dream this evening. I dreamt about my literature lecturer, baby hippopotamus, old bus driver, hotel receptionist, primary school acquaintances and some of my current friends.
Well the dream started with me helping my friend doing her translation assignments. She asked me to translate something archaic-like religious sentence.  There's one word that I couldn't figure out the meaning. Tashwi or sth like that. I didn't even know what is the meaning of the word , so I left it out untranslated. Well, I didn't know, how I'm moving to the second part of my dream where I'm trying to find a lavatory so I can change my uniform. I didn't know why I need to change into my taekwondo's. It doesn't really makes sense. I went to L4 block and the lavatories were so disgusting. Like really disgusting, it doesn't even looks like a toilet. More like a garage, a barn. Very gloomy, and there's greenish dark blue oil-like water.…