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mornink!! ;D

great weather ,ah?

no more cold rain knocking the window pane,sound of bird chirping melodiously replacing the usual hard sound of rain in the gullies,no more pulling the blanket and sleep tightly in the noon.huh,..
last night,i went for a ride with my brother.. great!!! night ride..
it's so cool yet so COLD too... whateva, i enjoy myself last night..
it could stop myself from the torturing of losing in my chest,.. urghh!
we stopped at 7-eleven.. i buy 2 cup of white taste great!! u should try it..totally!! no kiddim' here.. ;)

*white coffee
and a comic,at least i could read it..

*cute cover 
that's the tittle,if i'm not mistaken..
it isn't a new one..but i just buy it because it will be a great thing i need now..

however,i felt little guilty toward my mum last night..
i gave her the white coffee and causing her to still awaken until the morning
,but she say she love the taste of it..not bad ah?