I love doing weird stupid things
I'm a girl that will suddenly run at the speed of light after my class. 
I love smiling to myself ,thinking of stupid jokes and laughing all by myself.
I love walking alone and talk to myself . 
I may walk alone but I never feel lonely. 
I love cooking and trying new stuff . 
I love writing and painting but I don't really have a talent.
I often over think and care too much about others. 
I always worried  too much.
I love cats with all of my heart.
I preferred domestic cat over Persian or any fancy cats.

I love comics.
I love 9 gag.
I act according to what I wore *mostly
I always give people advice.
I'm terrible at moving on.
I did move on .
I often fall in love with the wrong guy.
All the nice guy that I fall in love with, possibly won't have any feeling towards me.
I'm trying to love myself before loving others.
Once I fall in love with a guy because he wore a pair of nice pink and blue shoes.
I love to take lead but I'm afraid of what people think of me.
I have few friends that I treasured so much.
I love my family with all my heart.
I'm thinking of pursuing my study after I finish my degree.
I would love to study overseas.
I want to marry a Kelantanese guy and stay in Kelantan.
I want to have a beautiful kitchen and cook fancy dishes,
I love cooking shows.
I love designing shows.
I want to buy a new laptop.
I should stop now.

Because, Italic makes it beautiful. So does English. Pardon my grammar.


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