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Hi. Hello. Assalamualaikum. May peace be upon all of you.

Somehow getting hurt make me a stronger person not a weaker one. The weird thing is I love being hurt. It happened to be an addiction. By the way, this is not a misleading or any sexual sentence . I love being hurt by the same reasons. I put myself in a spot that I surely know will torn me. Again, this is not a sexual sentence.

First love can be the most wonderful thing and also a bad thing. You set it as a standard for any later love. And if other relationship doesn't pass the passing point, it'll fail. And that happened to me. I can't find other love that pass the mark. That's why I kept failing.

And then he come again in your life . As a friend. He knows that. Everyone knows that. You know that. But you don't understand it. And you, like always, love to set a lot of hopes and imaginations.

And when he explained everything to you, when he clears the confusions. You'll blame him because you don't like to admit your mistakes. And again, you got hurt. I got hurt. Not now, Maybe later. But I love getting hurt by you.


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