The Greater Battle

“The tradition is not something ancient, it just happened for three decades, when the four strong tribes claimed the throne of Xiriads after being blinded with powers.”


Five miles toward the Xel’Naga Mountain, there is a district where a race lives without being discovered by the human. The Xiriads are very peculiar; they are tall, have wings and super powers. Some can be invisible; some can stop the time and many kinds of power that are beyond our imagination. Xiriads mainly have five tribes; Trezq, Drewx, Qretzs, Cziont and Srigft.The Grewich which is the boundary of this world has kept this race as a secret for millions centuries. Since the Queen died, they were fighting with each other to crown a new queen. Each female from each tribe will be selected and have The Great Battle .The winner will be crowned and the rest of the rival will die. The five tribes always go for their best except for Srigft; the weakest tribe. They believe in peace and tried to stop the tradition, however no one wanted that except for their own tribe. Trezq, Drewx, Qretzs, Cziont tormented and accused them running away from the ritual because they are afraid and weak. The tradition is not something ancient, it just happened for three decades, when the four strong tribes claimed the throne of Xiriads after being blinded with powers.

One month before the battle, all the tribes had selected their tribe’s presenter. Srifgt failed to stop the tradition and had to find someone to represent their tribe. Isabelle was selected to represent Srigft. Isabelle is a diligent girl and love to experience new things .She is a wallflower and don’t socialize much. Without knowing the capabilities of Isabelle and her strength, the tribe chose her because they thought they won’t win and by picking the youngest girl, they don’t loss much. There is nothing she could do except for one thing; stop the Great Battle. Isabelle knows a way to stop the fight which could be very risky and would bring harm to Xiriads. But, she is determined and nothing could stop her now. Isabelle doesn’t tell anyone about her plan because she already felt betrayed by her own tribe. She packed her stuff, charged his powers and brought equipments and her swords for the adventure.

At the end of the Xel’Naga Mountain, there is a cave below the Colágeno Falls where the Grewich switch situated according to the myth. Isabella rode Pegasus and flew through the purple clouds and across the pink ocean. Whenever, the Pegasus was tired, she stopped and refilled its energy. The journey took about three days; finally she arrived at the Colágeno Falls. She was lurking in the forest when she saw tiny mushrooms were singing and dancing. They looked so warm and nice .Isabella went to them and suddenly all of them turn into massive mushroom monsters. They were five of them and they all tried to kill Isabelle. She took her swords out and started to stab those creatures. Green blood bubbling from the wound and everything that in contact with it turned ugly. Isabella jumped and leaped to avoid the green liquid, but there were still four monsters left. The first one that she stabbed stumbled to the ground and decayed in just a second. She used her wings and leaped toward the sky; she took her sword and speedily thrust it to the second monster’s heart. It splits into two and another yellow liquid burst out of it. The liquid splashed all over the ground and more mushroom monster grew from it. Things gotten out of her hands, subsequently she rose to the sky and flew away. She doesn’t want to know what will happen if she stabbed the third monster.

She couldn’t go to cave as they were a lot of monsters guarding the Colágeno Falls. She knew it would be very difficult to approach the Grewich switch. Isabelle landed at the Fleur Valley; the only place she knew she’ll be safe. She gathered various nectars and pollens from all the flowers and mixed them with Chamomile fluid and turned them into a potion with some enchantment. Isabelle took the potion and went to the forest again; the monsters were looking for her .She pour the potion into her palm and blow it throughout the forest. The potion spread like glittering sprinkles and covering the ground with small seedling that grew against the clock .Suddenly, tendrils crept, crawled and trapped all the monsters locking them to the ground immobilized. She chanted another spells and all the monsters turned back into normal. The monsters no longer attack her; she asked them to show her the cave of Grewich. They whistled and called the Fligteraptor. In a few seconds, a gigantic bird came and landed besides Isabelle. The mushrooms said something to the bird and asked Isabelle to ride it. She leaped on the bird and held its feather. Fligteraptor elevated to the sky and at a certain high, its thrust speedily toward a secret cave behind the falls. All of sudden the sky crack a huge rainfall and lightning stroke rapidly. The sky grew somber and dark, Isabelle chanted a spell and a sphere of light came to surround them. The bird dropped Isabelle at the Door of The Greewich’s cave and flew away. The murky cave seems eerie. Ghost Owls were howling and barking repetitively generating a rhythm of sinister. Isabelle stepped into the darkness without knowing what she will encounter there.

“Abrir la luz y me rodean con seguridad. ¡Fuera todo mal y me temo ahora” , Isabelle chanted a mantra. Blue glimmering light curved into sphere and wrapped Isabelle, she started to walk and try to locate the Grewich Switch. A few miles had she walked, but nothing except gloomy dark cave she found. The total silence crept in her and she soon realized that she was tailed. “Luz cercana!” the glimmering light disappear with her command. She leaned against the cold cave and subsequently, became invisible. It was the Grewich’s guardian, Gorgelings. The guardian sniffed the scent of Srigft, it couldn’t see anything. Isabelle took a deep breath and prepared to make a surprise attack when the monster turned its back. She pulled out her sword and shoved it towards its neck. The guardian roared and regenerated its cells and healed the wound in the blink of eye. Panic set in, Isabelle didn’t know that this monster has this ability. The Gorgelings, spluttered the boiling purple acid in its body and strike Isabelle’s leg. She toppled to the ground. The fiend approached her, Isabelle fainted.

The cold drips of water from the stalactite awaken her. She looked at the surrounding and uncover the myth creature; human. Tall, doesn’t have wings and looked harmless. No thorn or rough green skin. No pointed sharp teeth, no wide red eyes, Isabelle perplexed. “What’s a human doing here?” the question echoed in her mind.

“You don’t belong here!” Isabelle yelled.

“How did you got here, How you discover Xiriads?” she asked without waiting for the first question answered.

He looked at Isabelle and smile sneeringly, “We are human had nothing that we are not capable of”.

“Xiriads, huh? Or soon to be our territories where all your tribes will die or become our slave”, he add mockingly.

Now, Isabelle knows the Xiriads will be doomed. The Great Battle is nothing compared to this. Human, the most evil, the most selfish and most destructible creatures in the earth.



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