The Analysis and Critics on The Storm

The Analysis and Critics on The Storm
By Kate Chopin

Kate Chopin is an American Feminist writer. She was born in 1850 in St. Louis, Missouri. She was raised in a Catholic surrounding which was largely portrayed in this story. She is a French-Irish descendant ,thus she expertly slot in Acadian’s and Creole’s languages. The story is written in 1898 but published 70 years later .The Storm  takes place in Louisiana ,in a Catholic society during Atlantic Hurricane Season.
The story started with hints that the storm is coming and cause Bobint and Bibi to wait in a store until the storm passed. In the second circumstances, the storm brought Alce and Calixta together . Enchanted to Calixta, Alce couldn’t hold himself from embracing her. Aware of it, Calixta pulled herself away and began to worry about her family. Subsequently, Alce tenderness while calming her brings back memories of the Assumption where they don’t go all the way. They ended having lustful and passionate sex until the storm was over. Later, the storm passed and Alce went home .At the same time, Bibi and Bobint were also on their way home. The suspense is whether they will bumped with each other or not? Bobint worried if Calixta will scold them if they bring such mess ,he cleaned up himself and Bibi after they tramped through the wet and muddy field. Calixta was so happy to see them arrived safely. Afterward, they had their meal and having a great time together. That night, Alce wrote a letter to his wife, Clarisse . He expressed that he missed her ,but saying it’s okay if they stay longer at Biloxi. At the end of the story, Clarisse was glad to receive that letter and states that she love taking break from her marriage .
The Storm renders the theme of marriage. In reality ,marriage isn’t as beautiful as we fantasized. In this story, the marriage that they had isn’t fully a failure .They love each other , however the failure of their couple to fulfilled the sexual desires turn the marriages into something dreary and brought them to illicit sex without any guilt .Kate’s also clarify that love and sexual desires isn’t the same thing. Calixta is a protagonist in this story. She was described as a proud housekeeper and physically attractive. She is Bobint’s wife , Bibi’s mother and also Alce’s ex lover .Obviously , she still had feelings for Alce .On the other hand, Bobint is a kind and caring husband, however ,he is stereotyped and boring. We can assume that he fail to fulfill Calixta’s sexual desires . Alcee Laballires is Calixta’s ex and Clarisse’s husband.Kate described him as a sensual and tender man .He still had feeling for Calixta as their meeting ignite sparks between them that lead to adultery.
Kate Chopin wrote this story very in a straight-forward styles. Symbolism were used and entwined together with the plot ,creating a very smooth flow. The title itself symbolize thousands meaning. Furthermore, she slotted in Creole and Acadian dialect and point out different social class through the dialogue itself. In addition, she used a third-person view omniscient giving us a clear thought of the story. However, she caged us in her point of view on adultery .


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