Post WWI American society and the connection to Hills Like White Elephants

World War I or The Great War or also called the European War happened about one century ago. The war destroyed everything in its path and left nothing but great depression. It’s also the biggest factor that led to World War II. It’s said to be a great loss that too many young lives were lost bringing so much destruction in it’s wake . According to history, many were dead not only because of the war but also an influenza had spread and killed triple the amount of people than the war did. Although the war itself is a waste, the soldiers still fought in the name of duty, nationalism, loyalty to comrade and for the alcohol. A British medical officer once said “Had it not been for the rum nation, I do not think we should have won the war” .

George Washington’s advice kept the US uninvolved in any wars for almost 150 years. The States had remained neutral and began to get involved in 1917 under President Woodrow Wilson rule’s. The Americans saw huge business opportunities from the war and began to supply the weapons for British. This act brought the American’s economy to a higher level. Industrial revolution bloomed and gave huge profits to the country and opened thousands of job prospects . Thus, the finances had increase drastically .

This war gave chances to women to be involved in the labor field. Furthermore , many African-Americans moved to the city in order to fill in the vacancies in factories. The war ended in early 1919 as a result from the Treaty Of Versailles that set the blame on Germany.When the soldiers returned home, the growth of economy deceased as unemployment rate accelerated and this lead to the Great Depression. American’s society  had changed much after the war as the women started to fight for their rights for suffrage. The strength of the women in the labor field before, showed that they were independent and capable in many aspects. This lead to the nineteenth amendment and brought huge political change to America as women were finally able to vote .

History told that the soldiers of World War I were overindulged with alcoholic beverage throughout the war. The alcohol helped the soldiers through their duties simply by distracting them from fear. During the war, the drinking habits had taken a turn for the worse as the quantities of alcohol consumed by the people boosted regardless male or female. Alcohol, sex and unrestrained behavior were ways for them to escape the terrors that the war haunts. Prominent drinking habits in the American society as the aftermath of WWI are parallel to the characters in Hills Like White Elephants as they kept ordering beers and trying new drinks throughout this story.

After the Great War , bourgeoisie tend to migrate from country to country and travel via train as at that time, it was the easiest means of travel for commoners. Jig and the man probably one of the people that lived an unstable life . The American society had been through a harsh life during the war where life and death are referred to as the abortion of the baby is not a great deal as they watch thousands of lost lives. Jig and the American man lives a frivolous life ,the man kept insisting Jig to abort the baby because they’ll have to leave their lifestyle if the baby is born. The World War I had brought incredibly massive changes all over the world and play important roles for the ups and downs of The States. Ernest Hemingway cleverly portrayed this setting in his “Iceberg Theory” writing style and let his readers unravel the knot that tied Hills like White Elephants.


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