Sapere Aude :)

Asslamualaikum w.b.t.

It have been quite a long time since my last update.Lots happened and everyday seems to be full of surprises. This is my second semester as an English student, hurm English is quite interesting but sometimes it's just plain boring.Just like any of my post i should doing assignments right now.All of the project need to be submitted before the end of this semester and then i'll be facing the dreadful Final Exam. Last semester result was not bad,but i'm aiming for a better one this semester. Pray for me. :)

"Saya berdoa agar Nor Asiah Bt Razali mendapat 4 Flat pada semester ini."

Thanks .:* 

Well,i'm currently working on the Literature assignment where i need to do 15 brief biographies of British authors. It should be an easy work, if i'm not procrastinating. But ,here i'm updating my blog in the middle of morning. haha

Actually, i found quite interesting in my laptop a few days ago. Well,before i enrolled in UPM , I've been through a bad phase. I really don't like the course that i'll be taking because i'm a science student. However , one of my friend thinks it's pretty cool (he is a medic student) and told me to do a survey of the course that i'll be taking. Things get worst when i discovered the field of labor is kind of narrow compared to science stream. Subsequently,he post this on facebook and tagged me. Thanks

I dont really know what happened to you that you became sad and moody as everything had been ruined once you've done the research on the course that you are, I think so and I hope so, going to take. But, trust me. Is it that bad?

I mean how come you even know that graduates from such course wouldn't have place in the labor field? Even so, you may still have the chance to pursue in the higher level of education be it Masters or Doctorate. The thing that is important now is knowledge itself. Job and salary would come later. Perhaps, if you still thinking or having doubt about the future of the course, you are not really into it yet. Kalau mg takde minat, better withdraw jelah. I dont want you to regret further. 

What I was doing was only convincing you that whatever course that you are taking, there's always chance to spark and shine. Need no to listen to what the society has to tell you. Yes of course, listening to the elders and thoughts of the wise is good but, at the end of the day, you are the one to live your life. Not them. Why sacrifice everything you love just to be depressed each day succumbing onto the thing you dont even want to have a glance at it before? But I do feel that your case is not as bad though. 

The need for education is not just for good job or salary. No doubt those two are crucial nowadays but, the need for education is to have an enlightened soul. Jiwa yang tercerah. I'm just telling you that the world of academic and knowledge hold more than what you expected. Perhaps I'm being too utopic or too ideal but, optimism does play role right? Sure a streak of pessimism would help too. 

Whatever you are doing, I'll be supporting you from far. Aku takdela bijak or very-the-hardworking-type of guy. And I don't really think I love medicine that much. So, don't think bad of yourself. Be optimistic for the knowledge. 

Sapere Aude!  — with Asiah Razali.

So, for all those students ,especially juniors that is waiting for UPU result. I wish you all the best. Remember there is no superior or inferior courses, It's all depend on you. If you give it a chance,you can always shine.Seek for knowledge and jobs will come. Just remember, rezeki bergantung pada Allah bukannya pada diploma,ijazah,master ataupun phd.:)

p.s Sapere aude is a Latin phrase meaning "dare to be wise", or more precisely "dare to know"


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