ridiculous -__-

Assalamualaikum wbt...

hai hai..agak ketandusan idea disini,tp tetap nk update blog disebabakan dah lama tak menulis di sini..Alhamdulillah Pengkalan Chepa dibasahi dengan hujan rahmat setelah berpanas terik untuk beberapa hari..Dua hari lagi 29 Jun 2013,tarikh keramat bagi TRW and JDT ..dan juga tarikh keberangkatan Ecah ke kolej nya.. Tengah hari tadi ,saya dikejutkan dengan kehadiran ecah dan ibunya..okay,ape yg sy tulis ni -______-  i'm in bewilderment.

well,today is not a fairy tale ,it just like  the normal day where i felt so bored -.-..i really hope something interesting will happen..it had been approximately 3 month i'm at home doing nothing...well,i sleep a lot,eat a lot and nothing much had happened.my weight still the same due to high metabolism rate..it's something that i should feel happy about because a lot of women want to eat a lot without gaining weight..but i think i'm too skinny,huh..

wow,after i reread this post,i really sounded like a lazy person..well,im not that lazy actually..lol..who im kiddin'..-__-

well,my internet connection kinda slow and im literally trapped in this page...i thought i wanted to stop at the above paragraph..well,i think i will write longer..i don't know what should i write..krikk krikk .. i really wanted to have a sewing machine and a mannequin ..im really hoping for it but surely my parent wont buy it for me..ofcourse..it's no use to them -___-


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