malam dan kopi

Assalamualaikum wbt... haihai sgt mngntuk skrg dn sy dpt rasa heart rate sy increase this is due to consumption of caffeine which might induced lack of focus,sleepiness ,fatigue and etc on the following day..right now im blogging via my phone cause my laptop seems slow ...well i have nothing to write but just doing maths will be so boring .yeah i am now.hmm..let me share something about maths that i currently work on.i am doing some integration on exponential part.well there are some basic rules that need to be followed .firstly ,always .......,then.... , next....... and finally don't forget to ........ .so how's maths ?okay right ?well its not that hard .you just need to be very creative in solving problem.talking about problem .i have a lot of problems..however ,there's no point of telling you.well , you don't know me either .so its okay.unless you are one of my friends you can call me and ask.well i don't think my friends read my blog ..well,there are busy with theirs life too.. hungry ...i feel like there is a black hole in my stomach will suck anything that delicious ..talking about black remind me about super power.i don't know if they are related but i always wanted to have super powers teleport so i can go everywhere .but thinking about any crush might think im pervert ..well.Mr crush ,please don't be.. i won't teleport into your bathroom.seriously .i swear ..but.teleport won't enough.i want to stop the time too so i can have a plenty of time to study..talking about really wasting my time talking about super powers with you guys.well wake up kids!there is no such thing.back to the reality.. I'll stop now..bye readers ;)


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