It had been a while...rite?

i think i haven't update this blog for about one month now.A lot of things do happen around me but i just not in the mood of updating any post.Hell'yeah you care about my blog,no 0ne really notice XD
what make me update my blog today?
I have been happy.ho3 and a minor sadness..wtv, It doestn't count..>.<

*I'm posting this to my Crush>.<* a.k.a friendzoned guy

#everything will be 0kay,i know it hard for you to forget someone that you had been with for 4 years..

Maybe part of loving is learning to let go. 

You seem happy ,but i know you'are dying inside.But,I know u can do it...

and sorry for telling I LOVE YOU seriously* out of sudden..(last night)


I had been REJECTED..seemed that way..

"It's Okay,you dont LOVE me...
I LOVE you and that is Enough.=>
I will not give up this time.
I have met you and I will fall hardly to you because you're PERFECT to me"


I'm not kiDDim

I know it lOve..XD


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