Hoping it's not a visitor

Last night, I wasn't able to sleep. I've been in bed at 11 sth and I was disturbing my little sister who is trying to sleep. Well, she did sleep after an hour maybe at twelve, and I still wasn't able to close my eyes and sleep. Well I'm not alone, 'baby'(cat)  is not sleeping too. She was sitting next to my window which is beside my bed. So we're like one inche away.
She was deeply staring at something outside the window. She is not moving at all, and did not blink too. I was suspicious by her acts. So I scratched her head, something that I've always done to get her attention and it works all the time but apparently not last night, despite of the scratching which was done with love she did not turn her head away from the window.
So I take a look outside the window and there was nothing. Not another cat or small insects.
It was weird and I start to think that cat can see ghost.  So I recite Al Kursi .
While I was reciting, my cat's head started to move, her eyes looked like it was following something that is moving away from the window .and her stare stops as if the thing was gone.

What did she see?
I don't know and I tried to sleep after that.
Well I did sleep maybe at two. Idk


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