its a long long holiday

Assalamualaikum wbt...
hi readers,long time no see (well,we never see each other actually, except for some of my friends -.-) .It had been a long time since i updated my last i right? i don't even remember,last time i posted my blog, it was on the last final paper,phy098 .actually i dont really remember,well i have officially graduated from Science Foundation ..screw this! dah cakap melayu english seems too rusty is a shame !well,i think its okay if i mix bm and bi in this post..its not a crime ,rite? except for grammar nazis =.=' so,sy dah cuti selama 2 minggu if im not mistaken,seriously i miss my home more than Palam..but i do miss my housemates,roomates and some friends..yeah,only some.. i really don't make a lot of friends during those 8 months..i'm quite a loner and a well, i don't really care..since i got seven great friends at R1503 (alamat rumah ngeee~) i love them very much and i'll miss them :D well,not forgotten my classmates (actually ,x rapat sangat since i always walk alone and left my friend whenever i'm in lecture hall) okay i'm being  jerk... well i don't care.. but i really felt sorry to khalilah because i always left her alone..i hope she mixed well with others..i'm sorry :3 and i got a boy friend quite a "friendzoned' friend ..sorry if you are reading this :P and he knew much about my love story since i told them to him..well its obvious i'm creating a distance :P and for azrul,he knew about you too :P i learnt many new things from jiha (my housemate shei s a 9gagger,a huge fans of comics and not forgotten coolblog),since i'm mentioning some of this names, i thought i should be fair by mentioning other's too.. Syida (roommate) or also been called syahida by Asiah and Raihan (housemates) is a great listener and also a great adviser..Intan,the ones who always kejutkan semua orang for Subuh prayer's,thank you so much :*. Ira, a very diligent girl,sangat pentingkan kebersihan and always acting tough,well she cried over a broken egg  :P bilik Intan and Ira dh mcm dpur sem 2 since we always gathered together and eat there.Ezzah,a very sweet girl,very innocent and sangat rajin :) .Raihan,a very clever girl and im proud of her,she is a teacher,a mother and a sister to me..Asiah Rasdi,whom had the same name with me always creating confusion in the house..well,she been called Asiah Raihan because she is Raihan's roommate..She is a bright girl,and very diligent too..well..i love all of them :*

Enough about Palam,we move to the next chapter of my life.Yeah,its holiday for havin approx 5 months break and im really really reallly reallly bored right now,since my bestfriends still don't got their break yet -.- i am 'enjoying ' this holiday by watching korean dramas .since i had finished watching those dramas yesterday,it's quite a booring day now..thats all for now..
I'm AsiahRazali reporting from the bed wishing you all gudnite and goood morningg..:)


Batu Adventure said…
nice day:)
saya adalah saya hari ini karena pilihan-pilihan
yang saya kemarin..

bagi-bagi motivasi yaa.. :)

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