"when you walk away,i count the steps that you take"

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Sometimes people come into your life and walk away leaving you with sadness and broken heart.It always happened .Take that as lessons that need to be learnt,to  be a reminder for yourself ;that not everyone will stay forever .You might be clinging to the memories that they had left ,you reminisce it all day long, maybe for several months or even years.And you probably blame yourself for all the things that had happened,that you were the reason why they left.You will feel so depressed and try to make everything okay again.You will be calling them and asking for forgiveness,chances and tell them to come back into your life.But,they say it's already over .And you will looked so pathetic,you will hate them for that .Then,a sweet memories of you guys flashed in your mind when you already be able to move on.You looked back and ask yourself ,'should i be moving on?' then there you're still stuck between memories .So,you said to yourself;i'll grab him/her back.we will be back together...

the point is,if they are meant for you.they will stay even when everyone had left.They will accept your imperfections and mistakes.They will only see the bright side of you and ignore your dark side.They don't take you for granted,they protect you with all of their hearts.And when time got rough,they won't let you go easily.They will cling ,they will try to hold on you and fight as hard as they could to make you stay..They will love you even you had changed,they will love you forever..

Still,if you don't love somebody just let them go.It would be hurt for both of you.but it hurts more to the person who really love you sincerely.Love can't be forced.It's true..If you don't have any feelings toward them,tell them truthfully.Yeah,it's hard.It will break people hearts.But painful truth is better than a sweet lie.

Hey,don't worry.Love can be built.Feelings can be developed.So,happy move on and good luck on new love :)


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